You have to find something. Something that anchors you, something that keeps you looking forward. Even on the bad days, the days when you’re tempted to look back.
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I think once you really fall for somebody,

its like all their flaws and imperfections suddenly become perfect. They become like a drug to you because you just can’t get enough of them. They run through your head every second of every day and it never seems to get old. Your heart begins to race with every little thing that reminds you of that one special person and just being beside them is like the best feeling in the world. Once you truly begin to fall for somebody that person becomes your world and everything that comes with it. 

In a matter of time, I won’t mean anything to you.
Not being able to comfort someone is a horrible feeling.
A person who truly loves you will never give you up no matter how hard the situation is.
My first thought in the morning is always you.


It was more than just infatuation. She admired you, adored, and respected you. She liked you. You could see it in the way she looks at you, the way she talks to you, or about you. The stars in her eyes were a dead give away. She started to become a part of you. You began to occupy a space in her…



We’ll say goodbye and walk different paths. Then we’ll both pretend that nothing happened and we never knew each other. Because that’s what happens. People come and go like it’s nothing, but I just wish you weren’t one of them. And it’s those goodbyes, the ones you thought you’d never have to say that hurt the most.